What is Coding and why is it Important to Learn?

What is Coding and why is it Important to Learn?

With our Coding Club starting up next week, we are having quite a few parents ask us “what IS coding”

At the most basic level, Coding is a list of step-by-step instructions that get computers to do what you want them to do.

We live in a digital world where computer program underpins so much of what we do from business, marketing, science and medicine to name a few. Some argue that Australia’s future prosperity will depend on delivering advanced services and digital technology, and that programming will be essential to this end.

Being introduced to coding gives students an appreciation of what can be built with technology rather than just being a passive user of technology. We are surrounded by devices controlled by computers. Understanding how they work, and imagining new devices and services, are enhanced by understanding coding.

Not every student who is taught coding will go on to be a computer programmer, however we already teach sport and art in school without the expectation that children will become athletes or artists.


Computer programming languages express three essential things:

  1. The order in which a sequence of instructions is performed
  2. A means of repeating a sequence of instructions a prescribed number of times.
  3. And tests as to whether or not a sequence of instructions is performed.

These skills are relevant and transferable across a child’s education and eventually add to their arsenal of life skills.  Our Coding Club will introduce these skills in a fun, imaginative and collaborative way.

For more information about Coding Club and to book your child in click here.

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