Welcome Back to 2017!

Welcome Back to 2017!

We hope you have all had great holidays and are ready to expand your mind with more exciting skills in technology in 2017!

We have had a fabulous start to 2017 with a session at Broome Residential College to explore digital citizenship and a full PD day at Cable Beach Primary School on learning with iPads. Some interesting points came out of these sessions:
Technology in education 2017


1. Cyber Safety

Students need to be taught cyber safety and protecting their digital reputation. As teachers, we need to consider our role in educating students about their behaviour online and the lifelong repercussions. This needs to be done in partnership with parents. Edge IT Learning provides education sessions for parents to help them navigate this online world with their children.

2. Coding

At Cable Beach Primary School, participants were enthusiastic about the possibilities of coding, particularly with the recent emphasis by State and Federal Governments on the importance of teaching digital literacy. All State Governments have expressed a commitment to introducing the digital technologies curriculum but we have found that teachers are wary of how to implement this into their programs.

So why is coding so important? Data shows there are 4000 IT graduates representing 1% of graduates, yet digital technologies are predicted to contribute $139billion to the Australian economy in 2020. (Teaching Coding in Schools: how Darlington Public School taught 9-year-olds coding, Sydney Morning Herald, 30/7/16) Coding not only teaches them technology skills but learning skills that assist them to create, not just interact with technology and develop problem-solving and creativity skills that are transferable to all areas of their lives. Why coding? Edge IT learning offers a series of courses ranging from the basics of teaching coding to individual apps and robotics- for more information, check out our course list under the Digital Technology Courses tab.