Thinking Like An Artist with Chatterpix Kids

Thinking Like An Artist with Chatterpix Kids

Thinking Like An Artist with Chatterpix Kids


App Name Chatterpix Kids by Duck Duck Moose
Cost Free
Areas of the Curriclum Suitable for all areas of the curriculum


Process art is a contemporary artistic movement recognised within the world’s art communities. According to The Guggenheim“process art emphasizes the ‘process’ of making art.”  This idea of art underpins the teaching and learning program developed by our Early Years art teacher.    

With this in mind we collaborated together on ways we could introduce technology into our art show that placed value on the process not the product.

Students explored the theme of weather and examined the works of Van Gough and local artist, Suzy French. She came into the classroom and discussed how she paints landscapes and modelled a painting for the children. They used this as their motivation for their watercolour landscape paintings.

After creating their watercolours, students participated in lots of rich discussion about their artwork. We asked them about the foreground and background in their painting, inspiration, colours, challenges and painting techniques.

Based on these discussions they opened up Chatterpix Kids and took photos of their artwork. They recorded their reflections and saved them to the camera roll. These digital self-reflections were an extremely valuable assessment piece because we were provided a great insight into the students understanding of concepts and artistic techniques. Students were also able to  cast a critical eye over their work.

Having a digital record of their work will enabled to follow their artistic journey and observe when and how their individual style emerged. The focus on process art in this instance helped students to not look at mistakes but see them as artistic opportunities to create something they may not have thought of in their planning.

The best part was witnessing the sheer delight on children’s faces when they could see and hear their paintings talking!

For sharing at our art show we uploaded our Chatterpix videos to QRstuff created QR codes and posted them next to the artworks. Parents who came to the art show scanned the QR code so they could hear the students reflecting on and describing their artwork. This was also so powerful!

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