Term 1 Wrap Up

Term 1 Wrap Up

Term 1, 2017 has most certainly been a very exciting time for Edge IT Learning. We have been running numerous Professional Learning sessions with over 200 teachers across the Kimberley and been in the classroom working with students from Year 5 to Year 12. Coaching in the classroom has been an extremely rewarding experience; Getting hands on with teachers and students brings the theory to life. One of our great experiences was in  a year 5 classroom when students made stop motion movies about the Solar System as part of a unit of work in Science using the StopMotion Studios App.


While it was important that the students learnt scientific concepts, I was more interested in the Habits of Mind that they developed- persistence, flexible and creative thinking and interdependence skills all came into play. The best bit was the students acknowledging this when it came to their video reflections using the Seesaw app.

Seesaw, a student driven digital learning portfolio app and the Osmo virtual game platform have been our absolute favourites to share in our sessions this term.

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See you in Term 2!

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