National Future Schools Expo 2017

National Future Schools Expo 2017

This term I had the opportunity to fly to Melbourne to attend this year’s National Future Schools Expo. The expo is a two day cross-sector event bringing educators together from across Australia. The Class Tech conference that ran alongside the expo produced national and international speakers who provided excellent information and resources on 21st Century learning, Growth Mindset in teachers and students and responding to challenges in contemporary education. A variety of sessions were offered from the use of robotics, video self-modelling, smart phone accessibility devices, and adopting STEAM experiences in classrooms that are relevant and meaningful.

A highlight of the day was hearing from Milton Chen, Senior Fellow & Exec. Dir., Emeritus, The George Lucas Educational Foundation (USA) who asked us to consider what our definition of a great school was. He provided inspirational accounts of schools who were offering students experiences that promotes collaborative, critical thinking, creativity and communication skills.


I returned to the Kimberley, full to the brim with ideas that we can use with our schools to engage teachers in considering the purpose of embedding technology meaningfully in our classrooms.

Top 5

1. The use of teacher created videos to flip classrooms and differentiate learning experiences.

2. Have the focus of teaching digital technologies reflect the rationale in the Australian Curriculum- that it is not about jobs of the future but creating students who are socially responsible.

3. Engage a range of students from K-12 in making and STEM

4. Inspire the whole learner through hands-on constructivist learning, and a wholistic understanding of how subjects integrate.

5. To build and enhance teacher Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) using social media channels.

Myself and the team at Edge IT Learning are excited to bring all of these ideas and more into schools and classrooms in the coming year.

-Emily @EdgeItLeaning