Microsoft releases Teacher Dashboard Classroom for FREE

Microsoft releases Teacher Dashboard Classroom for FREE

Microsoft has been putting a lot of work into its suite of education applications in Office 365 and has just released the new Teacher Dashboard Classroom application- FOR FREE!

Teacher Dashboard is an online assignment management system  that is fully integrated with other Office 365 applications like Onedrive and Onenote. Teachers can assign, collect, manage and mark student work from one dashboard.Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard has been around for a while, but the downside was that if your school was not willing to pay for a whole school account, you were stuck with very limited features. Microsoft has now remedied this by releasing Teacher Dashboard Classroom- a single classroom option that lets teachers set up their own classes in just a few minutes. You can now create and manage your own class, design your own marking format, add your own subject areas and enable parent email notifications.

Here are some extra features we love:

  • Check student progression and engagement: see where they are at with their work and get a birds-eye view of each student’s activity in Onedrive.
  • Differentiate between different levels by creating your own custom groups within the class or subjects.
  • Automatically creates homework files in the student’s Onedrive when sending out assignments.
  • Accessible anywhere! student’s work is saved on the cloud and available to work on anywhere with an internet connection.

If you want to get started with Teacher Dashboard, we are now offering a range of half hour lessons for teachers on Office 365 in education. The whole Office 365 suite is designed to work together seamlessly so learning how to use Onenote and Onedrive will enhance your Teacher Dashboard experience. Contact us today to find out more or book your session.