Edge IT Learning Goes Remote!

Edge IT Learning Goes Remote!

October has been the month of remote visits here at Edge IT Learning! We believe that technology can help schools and businesses with the “tyranny of distance” and this month we have been out on the road showing our clients how.

Linking organisations and creating our own materials


Early in the month, I went out to Fitzroy Crossing with a new interactive panel to install and introduce to the Marulu team at the women’s resource center. This panel will be used for everything from brainstorming and sharing ideas to connecting the team to experts from across Australia via Skype.

The Osmo Mobile by DJI turns any phone into a stable camera

We then spent the rest of the day acquainting the team with their new iPad Pros and showing them how they can produce their own resources and videos for their new website. Jump on and take a look at some of the amazing work the Marulu team are doing to make FASD history.

Did you know that using smartphones and tablets can be used to shoot and produce high quality movies given the correct equipment? This makes the creation of content a reachable goal for organisations and allows them to make resources that are relevant to their needs, instead of relying on content produced outside of the local area.

iPads are also excellent tools for creating other sorts of resources, from designing graphics to podcasting the iPad, with the help of some handy tools, can do it all!

Communication, critical thinking, colaboration, and creativity


These are the 4 C’s of 21st century learning and last week Emily flew out to Wananami Remote Community School to show them how they can integrate these into their classroom using their iPads.

Feasting at Wananami

They kicked the day off using Keynote as a tool to communicate effectively with students and create and present content for students.  Emily then demonstrated collaborative lesson plans the teachers could use in the classroom using Book Creator, Pic Collage and Seesaw Learning Journal.

The teachers got hands on with playdough learning how Stop Motion and iMovie can be used to create engaging, collaborative 21st Century Learning Assessment tasks. These tasks combine the physical and digital and can be used for almost any learning area- from literacy to science.

Using Playdough to make stop motion movies

After lunch (All from the garden!) they tackled critical thinking using Tynker. By teaching the foundations of programming and computational thinking with block coding apps, students can make creative projects without the frustrations of syntax. We also love that teaching Coding creates a valuable opportunity to teach Growth Mindset principles for students and teachers!

We absolutely love getting out of the office and showing our clients how they can use technology to change the way they work, teach and do business. If you’re interested in getting us out to you, drop us a line and we can tailor a program for you!