Digital Art

Digital Art

Digital Art in the Early Years Using Blend Editor App


Creating art using the iPad is something that I love doing with younger year levels. The accessibility of the devices, the fact that you have access to numerous colours, brush strokes and can quickly delete mistakes results in a creative freedom of expression. ‘The use of digital technologies to explore, interpret, create and share works of art’ is something I have really enjoyed sharing with my students and teachers. (

My coaching role this term is assisting the fabulous Pre-Primary – Year 2 Art teacher at my school to embed technology into her teaching and learning. Our first lesson involved using the app Blend Editor for students to create montages of their landscape water colours with the work of Van Gogh. The paintings they created were beautiful and loved by the school community. This artistic experience was a huge success.

Lessons learnt:

  • The process was fairly easy to follow for 5 year olds. Some needed encouragement to evaluate their work and to take it slowly before making their final choice on their montage.
  • Students were extremely proud of their beautiful digital artwork
  • Students loved manipulating their digital artwork to create their desired result.
  • The process really got students thinking about their artwork. They considered whether their brushstrokes matched the artists, they learnt about colour and mood and they learnt the power of technology to create something original. It also taught them all about some famous artists!
  • The National Gallery of Victoria website and Education portal has lots of wonderful ideas to get you started.
  • This lesson was a terrific way for children to learn basic iPad skills-taking a photo, cropping photos, locating an app, adding a photo. There was lots of useful technology vocabulary learnt.

Step by step process for you and your students:

  1. Create original artwork
  2. Find artwork to create your montage with the original artwork. Use your web browser, photographs or books (whatever your preferred source). If you are teaching children about colour and mood Van Gogh landscapes are a great choice because they clearly depict the season in which they were painted.
  3. Take photo of the painting (crop in the Photos app on the iPad if you have background you don’t want to use)
  4. Open Blend Editor.
  5. Choose the two different images.
  6. Explore the different filters and blends to enhance the image. You can play around with the ‘blend’ of the two images.
  7. Save to camera roll.
  8. Share!