Business Courses

Edge IT Learning is proud to announce our new range of business courses designed to up-skill your staff on all things IT. From 1 to 1 training through to group workshops we can come to you and run courses from the selection below. We also have our own high tech training facility available for staff to escape the distractions of a busy workplace. We keep all of our training straight forward and easy to understand for all skill levels. For tailor made training please contact our education team to discuss your training needs.

2018 Course List

Digital Security

Duration: 1 hour

Is your business digitally secured? With humans directly involved in up to 65% of successful data breaches last year, it is up to you to make sure your staff are not the weak link in your defense. Our digital security course will go through the essentials to keep your business safe from password to emails and how to spot a risk.

Office 365

Two Factor Authentication

Designed to follow our Digital Security course, this course introduces staff to two factor authentication and implements the roll out of this extra layer of security across your business. Two factor authentication is an layer of security built into office 365 that your business can activate to ensure that your data remains secure. We will show your staff what it is, how to use it and individually assist each member in getting it set up.


Create your own cloud server to share, organise, and manage your documents with ease. Sharepoint is a centralised, password protected, storage space that also allows staff to collaborate seamlessly. It is also fully integrated for use with other office 365 applications such as Outlook, Calendars, and Teams. Together we can help you set up and customise your Sharepoint as well as show staff how to use and get the most out of this collaboration software


Teams is the new chat based workspace introduced by Microsoft in 2017 to help organisations achieve more with collaboration. We will show staff how to easily create their own “teams” and use the chat based platform to help organise projects within an organisation. Teams integrates Calendars, Outlook and Skype into an organic experience based in Office 365’s global, secure cloud.