Makerspaces and why we should be 3D printing in schools

Makerspaces and why we should be 3D printing in schools

Hi everyone, welcome back to Term 4! It might be the last term of the year, but here at Edge IT Learning we are still as busy as ever. One of the exciting things we have for this term is the new XYZ DaVinci 1.0 Pro 3D printer, scanner and engraver, and we are ready to take it out to schools and show you all what it’s about! Why does a school need a 3D printer? We’re glad you asked!


With the promotion of STEM in schools (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classrooms and libraries across the countries are increasingly becoming “makerspaces” where students are encouraged to come together to use, and learn to use materials as well as develop creative projects. These spaces foster exploration and collaboration in kids, allowing them to pool their skills and get involved in creating rather than consuming. 3D printers can help in the creation of these spaces and make things that previously only existed in a digital world, into real, physical objects.


XYZ DaVinci Pro 1.0



Tools of the future


3D printers take a design created digitally in CAD programs and print them, later by layer to create actual 3D objects. These machines have the potential to revolutionise how we create the world around us and are already being used to print anything from furniture to artificial veins. In this way the 3D printer has moved from a gadget to a tool of the future, and it is important that our young generation can use it to its full potential.


Link different subjects and facilitate different learning styles


How do you link an art project with mathematics? What about digital technologies with science? 3D printing can cover multiple subjects at once. This allows educators to move out of traditional subject barriers and get kids thinking outside the box. It has long been acknowledged that students have different learning styles and 3D printing can help facilitate the teaching of concepts in different ways and adding a physical element to teaching concepts.

3D printing fun in Coding Club

Increase motivation


Kids learn best when they are interested, engaged and stimulated by the material offered. Using physics and 3D modeling to design fidget spinners and robots keeps lessons on a relatable level and can increase motivation in uninterested students.








Empower teachers

Not all schools can buy every resource a teacher needs. 3D printing can allow teachers to create their own bank of unique teaching materials simply by downloading a file on the internet. Need a model of a geological form? What about a working Guillotine? Print your own and let your students touch and feel for a better understanding.


Want to try a 3D printer in your school? Edge IT Learning is offering to bring our new printer into schools for a trial without the expense!s Contact us today and start your very own makerspace